Factory planning

Your factory of the future

Investments in your plant are made for a long time. Therefore, the entire planning and implementation of your project must be carried out with precision and responsibility. We work with foresight and state-of-the-art technology. It goes without saying that we take into account the important aspects of skilled workers, energy, climate, globalization and digitalization.

Your advantage: Your new factory will be fit for the future thanks to high efficiency, short distances, optimized use of resources and smooth processes. And: Your employees will be motivated and happy to work in your factory. All this is our job.

Goals and strategy

Define vision and goals and pursue project strategy

Creative planning

Customized, versatile brown- and greenfield planning

Digital factory and sustainability

Sustainably inspire according to economic, ecological and social values

Our performance

  • Site analysis and selection
  • Investment and budget planning
  • Layout planning from the initial step to the maximum development
  • Arrangement of functional areas and processes
  • Visualization of planning results in 3D and VR
  • Sustainable planning (economic, ecological, social)

Your benefit

  • An experienced design specialist at your side
  • A supplier-independent project partner representing your interests
  • Close, practice-oriented cooperation with your project team
  • Planning and investment security through well-founded engineering
  • Optimal surface utilisation
  • Process optimization and conservation of resources
  • Adaptable and versatile factory structure (future-proof)
  • Realization during operation
  • Integrated technical planning from a single source