Combine economic efficiency and sustainability

A sustainable design of your supply system/building technology systems is crucial for the overall efficiency of your sites and production facilities. Decarbonization is the order of the day and is expected from customers and employees as part of CO2 balancing. In addition, energy efficiency is centrally important for the security of supply and competitiveness of your company in the context of sharply increased energy costs.

Our job is to optimize your energy and CO2 balance, to uncover potential savings and to think and calculate supply alternatives. Here we are working closely with specialists to show off the latest state of the art. It is important to us with conviction to bring you forward with smart, intelligent solutions when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability.


new energies and technologies


tailor-made building services and production engineering

energy efficiency

optimal process flows, heat recovery, reduced use of resources

Our performance

  • Requirement analysis for new planning
  • Energy consulting for existing plants
  • Decarbonizierung / CO2 balance
  • Development of transformation concepts 
  • Technical design
  • Independent tendering
  • Implementation management
  • Implementation of renewable energies 
  • Optimization of climate protection and sustainability

Your benefit

  • Optimal media supply
  • Maximum production security 
  • Significantly improved energy efficiency/CO2 balance
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Economic redundancies
  • Investment security
  • Extensibility / Flexibility